Best coffee shop in Minnesota

1. Quixotic Coffee

Quixotic Coffee

Quixotic Coffee is a cafe shop that will give you an elegant vibe. This coffee shop will make you stress-free by cultivating a wonderful environment. The minimal interiors and great coffee have made the coffee shop one of the most popular and loved spots in Highland Park. Quixotic Coffee also has a nitro bar. The coffee shop also serves some good food as well. The cafe even comes with a wide range of syrups.


2. Five-Watt Coffee

Five-Watt Coffee

Five Watt Coffee is one of their kind of coffee shop. It is the only cafe that specializes in its own bitter range, which adds them to its various coffee blends to produce a number of beverages with different flavors. This coffee shop is not an old shop but they are quickly becoming one of the best coffee shops and becoming a Minnesota staple. Five Watt Coffee’s specialty is cocktail-like drinks. They also make use of homemade syrups from scratch and baristas.


3. Spyhouse Coffee

Spyhouse Coffee

Spyhouse Coffee Shop is not only known for its great coffee but also for its incredible interiors as well. It looks like a warehouse on the inside complete with marble countertops that gives a modern environment with premium-crafted coffee. The  Spyhouse Coffee Shop has six different establishments across the Twin Cities including Minneapolis, North Loop, and St. Paul. The cafe is dog-friendly. Some great options at Spyhouse include the Jasmine Tea Lemonade or a honey and lavender latte.


4. Isles Bun & Coffee

Isles Bun & Coffee

Isles Bun & Coffee is located right next to Lake of Isles, it is the coziest corner you can get. They have their own custom brew.  As the name suggested the coffee shop’s signature item is its large buns. The buns are all made with fresh natural ingredients and their cookies are just as delicious. The cafe has an open-floor kitchen. Isles Bun & Coffee is a wonderful relaxing place.


5. Dogwood Coffee

Dogwood Coffee

Dogwood Coffee Shop mainly focuses on the quality of roasting, so the customer can get the best-brewed coffee with their perfection. The cafe gives a traditional hipster vibe that features glass garage doors that light up the entire space. They sourced beans from places like Ethiopia, Columbia, and Rica. They also offer a spumoni latte, that is made from pistachio sugar crumble and cherry.