Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Getting cheap car insurance is not that difficult as long as you know how to shop around. However, there are several things to keep in mind when looking for a policy. Most young drivers are considered to be high-risk drivers since they have limited driving history and little experience. In addition to this, they are also considered to be irresponsible, as they are more likely to be involved in an accident. Luckily, there are some ways to get car insurance for young drivers that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


If you are looking for a cheap car insurance plan that covers the basics, you might consider GEICO. The company offers a number of discounts for military and federal employees, people who insure multiple vehicles, and safe drivers. As one of the largest auto insurance providers in the US, Geico is a good option for people who want to save money on their car insurance. You can save $200 or more a year by switching to GEICO.

GEICO also offers affordable rates that are 24 percent less than the national average. GEICO also offers additional coverage for an additional fee. Its emergency road service plan, for instance, covers jump-starts, replacement tires, and towing to a repair shop. Additionally, lockout services of up to $100 are included in the plan. GEICO also offers 24-hour customer service and local agents. In addition, the company provides an excellent reputation among its customers and has a great track record.



USAA offers competitive car insurance rates for members. To find out if you qualify for USAA cheap car insurance, simply visit their website and enter some personal information. After that, a quote form will appear showing your customized coverage and price. You’ll also be able to see the discounts and additional benefits available to you. You can choose from a variety of coverage plans and choose the best one for your needs. You can also get a free quote by joining USAA online.


While most car insurance companies charge more for a male than a female driver, USAA’s rates are still lower than many of its competitors. In addition, adding a teenage driver to your policy will raise your rate by $1,746 a year. If you’re a good student, you might be able to offset this increase by asking your insurer about discounts for teen drivers. Adding a teen will also make you a higher risk to the insurer, so you’ll want to be extra careful.


State Farm

One of the best ways to save money on car insurance is to take advantage of the discounts offered by State Farm. You can save up to 30% by taking their Steer Clear program. The program requires enrollment with a State Farm agent and downloading the Steer Clear app.

The best way to get the best rates is to drive safely and avoid accidents. In addition to this, you can also get moderate savings if you are a good student or have multiple cars on your policy. Other ways to get cheap car insurance from State Farm include completing driver training and taking a defensive driving course.


Despite the cheap premiums, the policy may not be worth the low monthly cost if you are a bad driver. Even if you have good credit and an accident-free history, you can find full coverage policies for only $1,481 per year, or $123 per month.

Of course, not everyone has an excellent credit score or an impeccable driving record, so premiums will vary based on your driving history and risk profile. However, the average monthly premium for a full coverage policy with State Farm is around $213 per month, which is less than the national average of $1,730.



There are many reasons to choose Nationwide as your insurance provider. In addition to its cheap car insurance, it also offers a variety of discounts. You can earn a discount based on your driving record and history. You can also get a discount by putting an anti-theft device on your car. You can also make your payments automatically if you prefer to pay monthly. Here are some of the best ways to get a cheap car insurance policy with Nationwide.

If you have a clean driving history and a low yearly mileage, you can save on your car insurance by signing up for accident-free discounts with Nationwide. They also reward you for staying accident-free for at least five years. You can also save on your premiums by joining the company’s SmartRide program, which tracks good driving behavior and triggers discounts for good drivers. However, Nationwide doesn’t offer the best rates for young drivers. Likewise, they don’t offer the best rates for those with poor credit. In these cases, you may want to look elsewhere.



The name-your-price tool on the Progressive website is an easy way to get a cheaper car insurance quote. You can enter your information and the amount of the payment to see a list of different plan configurations that meet your needs.

The tool also shows what type of coverage you need at different price points, saving you time. However, you must be aware that cheap car insurance coverage from Progressive comes at the cost of poor customer service. Nevertheless, the company ranked 11th in a regional study conducted by J.D. Power and carries a solid financial position.


Aside from the deductible saving bank, another option for cheap car insurance from Progressive is the large accident forgiveness. The accident forgiveness benefit covers any at-fault accident that costs more than $500. If you have had no accidents in the past three years, you can benefit from this option.

You can also apply for this benefit at any time and use it once in a period. You can only use this benefit once per policy period, though, and loyalty-based forgiveness benefits will be used before the large accident forgiveness benefit.