Top 10 Dangerous Places In The World

5) Danakil Desert

The Danakil Desert is a desert in northeast Ethiopia, southern Eritrea, and northwestern Djibouti. The area is known for its volcanoes and extreme heat, with daytime temperatures surpassing 50 °C (122 °F).

Danakil Desert

It is one of the lowest and hottest places on Earth. Apart from that various climate cycles, and discontinuous erosion took place. The Danakil Desert has many lakes formed by lava flows that dammed up several valleys. A deposit of salt up to 800 meters (2,600 ft) thick can also be found in the Salt Plain flatlands. Other local lakes include Lake Asale (116 meters (381 ft) below sea level) and Lake Giuletti/Afrera 80 meters (260 ft) below sea level, both of which possess cryptodepressions in the Danakil Depression. The Afrera contains many active volcanoes, including the Dabbahu, Afdera, and Erta Ale.