Top 10 Dangerous Places In The World

7) Oymyakon

Oymyakon is a rural locality in the Oymyakonsky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia, located in the Yana-Oymyakon Highlands, along the Indigirka River, 30 km (19 mi) northwest of Tomtor on the Kolyma Highway.


It is the coldest permanently inhabited settlement on Earth. It is named after the Oymyakon River. It has two main valleys beside it. Snowfalls occur frequently in spring and autumn. Oymyakon is located near the Road of Bones. The warmest month on record was in July 2022 with an average temperature of 19.3 °C (66.7 °F). Although winters in Oymyakon are long and extremely cold. Schools are mostly closed due to the cold temperatures. Over the last few decades, the population of Oymyakon has decreased significantly. It is also known as a chilling dangerous place where not everyone can survive.